This may be a good place to introduce myself. My name’s Bren Bufi and I am a recognized Canon Professional Photographer based in Australia. I own and operate Pixel-Bug Photography. I spend the day with people, objects, places and capture on photo or video whatever unfolds.

My passion is portraiture.

The art of capturing a human face / form.

I fine tune the art of photography around portraiture. I am a people person and I love to meet people and create images that tell a story.

I do have a media background so the hunt for a front page image is always on my mind. One image to tell a 1000 words.

Most of my clients are either getting married or marketing their business but sometimes they are pregnant, with their families or at a gathering.  I will consider all types of photography so please contact me if you have something that needs to be captured.

Along with photography, I also offer videography. My journey into videography hasn’t been as long as photography and I am still very much still learning the art.

If I am available, I would love to discuss how I can offer my services to you.

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